Pure leaves Entity Gaming


Entity Gaming has announced that changes have happened in its Dota 2 roster: Ivan ‘Pure‘ Moskalenko left the team’s active roster, and Alimzhan ‘watson‘ Islambekov took his role and became a new carry.

Pure has been representing Entity since May of 2022. He is rumored to be playing alongside Save and Nightfall in the upcoming 2022/23 DPC season.

As for watson, the newcomer of the European team played for HellRaisers last season, and before that he was with B8 Esports.

Recall that at The International 2022, Entity took 9th-12th place, earning about $380,000 in prize money. The team will compete in the first division of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 for Western Europe.

Current squad of Entity looks like this:

  • Alimzhan ‘watson‘ Islambekov;
  • Daniel ‘Stormstormer‘ Schoetzau;
  • Tobias ‘Tobi‘ Buchner;
  • Vladislav ‘Kataomi`‘ Semenov;
  • Dmitry ‘Fishman‘ Polishchuk;
  • Daniil ‘MeTTpuM‘ Gilev (coach).

As CyberScore reported, Team Spirit has announced the departure of TORONTOTOKYO.

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