DPC 2022/23 Tour 1: closed qualifiers results and highlights


From December 19 to 22, closed qualifiers were held in all six regions, as a result of which 12 participants of the second division of Dota Pro Circuit 2022/23 Tour 1 were determined. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the teams that have advanced through qualifiers and their lineups.

Western Europe

Ooredoo Thunders and Monaspa got tickets to the second division of the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 1. The main favorite of the tournament – the Old G team with three two-time world champions – lost in both matches for the slot with a score of 0-2.

Qualification winners:

Eastern Europe

In the Eastern European region, the coveted tickets to the second division were won by Hydra with dream in the roster and Sigma.YNT with v1olent and VANSKOR. The Matreshka team with the former B8 player under the nickname Lagoona lost both finals with a score of 0-2.

Qualification winners:

  • Hydra (dream`, Worick, Cloud, Lefitan, HappyDyurara);
  • Sigma.YNT (v1olent`, foryou, kur0patbI4, queezy小个子, VANSKOR)


In the final of the upper bracket of the closed qualifier for China, Outsiders from CN could not take revenge on Ybb Gaming (Xtreme Gaming’s youth roster) in the final of the upper bracket. But in the match for the second slot, they defeated Supernova, the team that eliminated IG.Vitality from the tournament.

Qualification winners:

Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, Yangon Galacticos lost the final of the winners to Spawn Gaming, and after the loss, they were disqualified. The reason for this decision was the use of scripts by the team’s carry KSH. The remaining members of the team also received a ban until their innocence is proven. The second ticket went to the Meracle and RR team called Drink Water.

Qualification winners:

  • SPAWN Team (jikroy, MamangDaya, Red, dalul, TraVins);
  • Drink Water (Meracle, xsilearn, zeal, khishka, RR).

North America

Closed qualifiers in the North American region was one of the most interesting for the English-speaking audience in terms of the number of media personalities among the participants. The most intriguing match of this tournament was the battle between the current roster of Arkosh Gaming and Fart Studios, which includes former players from the SirActionSlacks team. As a result of CQ in North America, Fart Studios and Legacy advanced to the second division.

Qualification winners:

  • Legacy (boris, red2, Lil_Nick, Giant, pingu);
  • Fart Studios (BSJ, iAnnihilate, Jenkins, Newsham, SoNiC).

South America

Two Peruvian teams expectedly won in this region. Balrogs went through the closed qualifiers undefeated, while Lava made no mistakes after losing in the first round and confidently earned the second ticket to the second division of the DPC 2022/23 Tour 1.

Qualification winners:

  • Balrogs (DCMC, Ñengo, drakesh1t, Demon, Shaka);
  • Lava (Simple, Lumpy, Arkano, N1ght, JimmyCoff666).

As CyberScore reported, the organizers of the closed qualifier in North America ignored the rules of the tournament to help Arkosh Gaming.

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