Hydra releases a statement following the accusations in match-fixing during Neon League


HYDRA released an official statement denying the accusations of match-fixing during their match against IVY during Neon League. As you can remember, the team from the second division of Dota Pro Circuit was disqualified from the online tournament immediately after the meeting of the «emergency commission».

The Kyrgyz organization gave a detailed explanation for each of the four moments from the game which allegedly prove their guilt. They also accused the organizers of Neon League of not complying with «sporting and ethical principles», urging other teams to refrain from participating in the events of this tournament operator.

«Hydra denounces and refutes all allegations from tournament operator Neon League who kindly invited us and then treacherously accused us of cheating on the sole basis that their betting partners could lose money. We considered this tournament as an alternative to skirmish, to prepare for the DPC. The arguments given by the operator about the mistakes of our player are ridiculous and do not stand up to scrutiny. We call on all self-respecting teams and organizations to refrain from participating in Neon League tournaments, which are ready to betray all sports and ethical principles only on the basis of an undesirable outcome of the games,» the statement reads.

Hydra management also questioned the objectivity of the «expert commission», which was assembled immediately after the end of the first map in the match against IVY. The organization reminded that it included Kozak and Velheor. The first is the CEO and coach of Team Sexy, which also participates in Neon League, and the second one, in addition to participating in the tournament, is in conflict with the players of the accused team.

As reported by CyberScore, Neon League organizers provided «evidence» of match-fixing by Hydra, showing four suspicious moments from the team’s match against IVY.

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