DPC 2022/23 Tour 1: Old G easily advances to the closed qualifier and other results


On December 11, qualifiers for the next DPC 2022/23 season began in all regions. We present to your attention the interim results.


3 open qualifiers have already been played in the Chinese region. Their winners are YBB Gaming and IG.Vitality, which are the youth teams of Xtreme Gaming and Invictus Gaming, as well as Outsiders from CN and 你这肥宅说话还挺搞笑的, Supernova and FH Gaming. It is worth noting a funny fact that Supernova reached the final match without taking part in a single game.

The list of teams that received a ticket to the closed qualifiers, and their lineups (6 out of 8 participants were determined):

Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, only one qualification ended. A mix of Meracle and RR called Drink Water, as well as Team M11, made it to the next stage. The second qualifier is currently underway, where Neon Esports became the first team to advance to the semi-finals.

Participants of the closed qualifier for SEA and their line-ups (2 out of 8 teams are known):

  • Drink Water: Meracle, xsilearn, zeal, khishka, RR;
  • Team M11: Ifr1t!, Ramz, bfl, ikan-_-koki, Juju.

Eastern Europe

In the Eastern European region, two tickets to the closed qualifiers were taken by Hydra and Hot Headed Gaming, which unexpectedly eliminated Empire.Hope in the quarterfinals. Empire.Hope itself made it to the quarterfinals of the second open qualifier, where it will meet with the lineup of VANSKOR and V1olent called YNT.

Teams that advanced the closed qualifiers and their line-ups (2 out of 8 participants were determined):

  • Hydra: dream`, Worick, Cloud, Lefitan, HappyDyurara;
  • Hot Headed Gaming: Dingo, Moonlight, MikSa`, August`, Cold.

Western Europe

Qualifiers in Western Europe brought no surprises. Old G with the legendary n0tail, Topson, and Ceb in the squad and Monaspa, where SSSpartan and Skylark play, advanced to the next round. At the moment, the second open qualifier is underway. The finalists will be determined tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. CET.

Winners of the Eastern European open qualifiers and their lineups (2 out of 8 winners have been determined):

  • Old G: No[o]ne-, Topson, Ceb, MSS, N0tail;
  • Monaspa: Nande, W1sh-, Skylark, dEsire, SsaSpartan

North America

The team of the famous commentator Sir Action Slacks called Arkosh Gaming (Qojqva, Xcalibur, monkeys-forever, zfreek, Febby) failed to advance to the next stage in the first open qualifier. The finalists of the mini-tournament are CDUB Esports, which are represented by the Jordanian AfrOmoush, and the monopoly mix. Moreover, former pro-players, and now well-known analysts and streamers BSJ and Jenkins (Fart Studios) also tried their luck, but they were stopped in the quarterfinals.

Teams which advanced to the closed qualifiers and their line-ups (2 out of 8 participants were determined):

  • CDUB Esports: Double King, Mark, islA, AfrOmoush, Sanctified;
  • monopoly: Megabauss, AlienManaBanana, kagami, iLØVEtoBUYBACK, MOO7

South America

Two teams from Peru progressed from the first open qualifier: Team Insane and Balrogs. The latter decided not play in the grand final, so the victory was automatically given to Insane. The second qualification has not started yet.

Teams which advanced to the closed qualifiers and their lineups (2 out of 8 participants are known):

  • Team Insane: focco, SHEOL, Rewite-, kym, Nanako-;
  • Balrogs: DCMC, Ñengo, drakesh1t, Demon, Shaka.

All participants of the first division DPC 2022/23 have registered updated rosters. We invite you to take a look at the squads in which the teams from Eastern and Western Europe will start the new season.

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