Sumail: I think people overestimate the language barrier


The Pakistani mid laner of the Chinese Team Aster, Syed Sumail SumaiL Hassan, said that the language barrier did not seriously affect the communication in the team during the ESL One Berlin Major 2023. He revealed this in a post-match interview after beating Piggy Killer (2-0) in the DPC 2023 Tour 3 for China.

"When I played for Aster as a stand-in, it suddenly went really well. Of course, I didn't think we would have any problems. I think people overestimate the language barrier. I easily found my place in the team, and we decided to continue playing with this lineup", told SumaiL.

He could have ended up in Team Aster before TI10, but decided to join the Western European team OG at the time.

"I was in talks about a possible move to Team Aster back during the Coronavirus pandemic, before The International 10. Then I played for Team Liquid as a stand-in, and after that I was approached by OG. So the transfer to Aster didn't happen, but there was really talk a couple of years ago", the player added.

As a reminder, the Pakistani esportsman will play for Aster until the end of the DPC 2023 season.

As Cyberscore previously reported, Sumail was planning to move the team from China after The International 2019, Inflame told us.

Team Aster
Team Aster
Suma1L- (Sumail Syed)
Suma1L- (Sumail Syed)
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