Lil will go to The International 12


Ilya Lil Ilyuk will be a content maker for one of Youtube channels. He will be traveling to Seattle for The International 12 and will be filming interviews. TI12 will start on October 12, with the prize pool still hasn't reached the $3 million mark. Lil announced this on social media.

In this competitive DPC season, Lil played for HYDRA and his team managed to take 4th place at the qualification among the teams from Eastern Europe. In September, the organization announced the disband of its Dota 2 roster.

As Cyberscore previously reported, the number of levels that can be obtained without donations in the new Compendium for The International 12.

Lil (Ilya Ilyuk)
Lil (Ilya Ilyuk)
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