The number of levels in the Compendium for TI12, which can be raised without donation

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Datamaners have calculated how many levels you can raise in The International 12 Compendium without donation. The most valuable and trustworthy is the "Road to TI" challenge, where you can earn 64 levels, everything else depends on luck. 

Getting levels for the Compendium for The International 12 at the best odds:

  • 64 levels for the Road to TI challenge;
  • 10 levels for group predictions; 15 levels for playoff predictions and 10 levels for The International 12 final stage predictions;
  • The "Bingo" challenge will offer a maximum of 12 levels for each period of The International 12 (groups, playoffs, final stage);
  • From the "Fantasy League" it will be possible to get 25 levels only if you get into the top 1% of players; but the minimum is only 1 level. 

Thus, without donating in the Compendium you can get a little more than 97 levels. As a reminder, the most valuable reward is a copy of the Aegis 1 to 5 Metalic Aegis for level 300. In fantasy, we took into account hitting the top 50% and 6 levels each period. 

Total average of 97.5 levels, with this calculation:

  • "Road to TI" - 64 levels;
  • Fantasy - 18 levels (3 periods of 6 levels)
  • Trial of the Oracle - 6.5 levels.
  • Bingo - 9 levels (3 periods of 3 levels)

As Cyberscore previously reported, Valve has changed the concept of the Compendium and released it for The International 12 without cosmetic items.

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