Fly says BetBoom Team was the toughest opponent for Evil Geniuses before TI11


Former Evil Geniuses captain Tal ‘Fly‘ Ayzik talked about the team’s preparation for The International 2022. According to the Israeli eSportsman, BetBoom Team was the most difficult opponent for EG during the bootcamp. Fly talked about this on his podcast on Spotify.

He also noted that his team’s win rate in preparatory matches was about 60%.

«Our winrate during training was 60%, but we often lost when we tried new things. The ideas we came up with didn’t particularly work. I remember when we were doing scrims against BetBoom Team at 10 AM in the morning. These guys were fully awake, were motivated, while my teammates were half asleep. BetBoom destroyed us during scrims. However, when it came to TI11, the opposite happened: BB was the first to leave the tournament, and we won the group,» Fly shared his memories.

As you can remember, Evil Geniuses failed to show their best game in the playoffs. After winning the group, the North American team suffered two consecutive losses and was eliminated from The International 2022. After that, the EG’s lineup was disbanded.

According to Fly, most of the players from the former Evil Geniuses roster will continue to play together in Noeth America. The Israeli esportsman promised to tell more details about this later.

As for BetBoom, the Russian team took the last place in the group with a 0-5-4 record. Together with TSM, they became the worst  teams at TI11.

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