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TNC Predator
Maps played:
36 during last year
Maps won:
29 during last year
First places:
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Maps lost:
7 during last year
Prize money:
$4 706 885

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29 wins
7 defeats
5 first place from 11 events
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TNC Predator is a philippine esports organization. In the past it was known under the names TNC Pro Team and TnC Gaming. The club was first heard of in 2013 when it announced lineups for Dota 2, DotA and LoL. 

The successful lineup that was formed on the eve of the Major All Stars Dota 2 Tournament included Ceejay gnoji Pelagio, John Teehee Linuel Abanto, Sam Sam_H Hidalgo, seven and Nico eyyou Barcelona. Qualifying for the tournament was a failure, but the team continued to play together and won at Corsair Gaming Arena #2 and #3, placed 2nd in the East Asian qualifiers for World Cyber Arena 2015, and were ranked 5-8 at the tournament itself. 

The team was truly recognized in 2016 when Jimmy DeMoN Ho, Carlo Kuku Palad, Mark Raven Fausto, and coach - Lee SunBhie Jeon Je joined the roster. The team successfully qualified for The International 2016 and placed 7th-8th at the tournament itself. The team earned over half a million dollars and still suffered changes. Eyyou and DeMoN left the team, and in their place came Timothy Tims Randrup and Rio ryOyr Hasevaga. The revamped roster took first place at the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 and received $800,000. 

TNC Predator has achieved recognition as a stable tir-1.5 team by competing in most of the major tournaments. It placed 9th-12th at The International 2017, 5th-8th at The Bucharest Major, 4th at Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, 7th-8th at MDL Changsha Major and China Dota2 Supermajor.

In December 2022, TNC Predator completely disbanded its Dota 2 roster and went inactive. However, they returned to the pro scene in May 2024 with a revamped roster that included Palos, Yowe, Kokz, Jing, and Kuku.