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South Team
South Team
Maps played:
156 during last year
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Maps won:
77 during last year
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Not available
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79 during last year
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77 wins
79 defeats
1 first place from 28 events
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South Team is a Peruvian team founded in 2022 to participate in the qualifiers for the DPC League in South America.

The original roster included players such as Jose Rena Renato Lopez, Aldair James- Montoya, Luis Alberto Luis Ito Yarmas, Nicolas Hermit Mariano Flores and Maykol MonHty Tapia Ramos. The team progressed to the DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division II, where they finished fifth in the season's standings. Following the league, South Team made it to the top 8 in the TodayPay Invitational Season 1. And later on, there were a few more resolves in the team.

In 2024, the team tried to qualify for tournaments such as DreamLeague Season 22, Elite League 2024, DreamLeague Season 23, PGL Wallachia, ESL One Birmingham and BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, but failed to qualify for any of them. That same year, South Team again unveiled a revamped roster, with MonHty, who had previously represented the team, taking the fourth position, Gian Austin Chuki Perez taking the fifth position, Jordin Argius Mendoza Vazquez in first, Hermit in third, and Sebastian Robo-Z Serralta Velarde in second. With the revamped roster, South Team headed to the European Pro League World Series America Season 11.