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Night Pulse
Night Pulse
Maps played:
172 during last year
Maps won:
93 during last year
First places:
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Not available
Maps lost:
79 during last year
Prize money:
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93 wins
79 defeats
3 first place from 20 events
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Night Pulse is a russian professional team founded in July 2023. Also known as 4am Esports.

In the fall of 2023, the original roster was presented, which included the following players: Alexander ashen Pipot, Ilya CHIRA_JUNIOR Chirtzov, Alymbek alym Tashiyev, Ilya vlone glo Tryatsin and Ilya Pima Pimenov. The first tournament for the young team was European Pro League Season 14, where the guys took eighth place. A little later they reached the top-2 in Winline Insight Season 4.

In March 2024, the team was completely reassembled: Kyyalbek dream Taiirov took the position of carry, Vitaly Worick Brezgin took the second position, Ivan Vazya German took the offlane, and Yiruy Merlin Belkin and Dmitry JANTER Nikulin shared the duties of the supports. The team immediately tried their hand at qualifiers for major tournaments such as Elite League 2024, DreamLeague Season 23 and PGL Wallachia Season 1, but failed to qualify for the main event. A little later, the team took third place at the Dota2 World Invitational and Winline Insight Season 5. And in May of the same year, to play at the RES Regional Series: EU #2, the team had a reshuffle: Alik V-Tune Vorobey and Ilya Hduo Deriglazov replaced Merlin and Vazya.