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Team Stray
Maps played:
36 during last year
Maps won:
17 during last year
First places:
Not available
Creation date:
Not available
Maps lost:
19 during last year
Prize money:
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17 wins
19 defeats
0 first place from 5 events
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Team Stray is a mix that is formed around streamer Oleg Stray Bocharov. The team has participated in multiple championships of the BetBoom Streamers Battle series.

Such teams create an opportunity to watch famous streamers, media personalities and other Dota 2 personalities in a competitive environment. As a rule, such tournaments and teams generate viewer interest and online content makers keep a good bar from 5-6 thousand to 20-40 thousand or more viewers.

  • Team Stray skipped the first season, but played in BB Streamers Battle 2. The lineup was as follows: Stray, Cooman, Silvername, pantomem, quiizzmeow. He took 4th place and was eliminated by Team NS.
  • At BetBoom Streamers Battle 3, Team Stray had the following roster: Stray, Munkushi, Amor, Hellscream, Vovapain. 2nd place, $3,000 and a loss in the finals to Team Nix.
  • Team Stray failed at BB Streamers Battle 4 and took the last - 6th place. Lineup: Stray, Krylat, DkFogas, Vovapain, sereGGa.

In the fifth season of Streamers Battle, Team Stray was able to repeat a similar achievement as in the third season and took second place. This time, the defeat from Team TpaBoMaH with the score 1:3 on maps. Team Stray had the following lineup: Krylat, Stray, DkFogas, Vovapain and Fervian.