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GRIN Esports
GRIN Esports
Maps played:
152 during last year
United States
Maps won:
69 during last year
First places:
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Not available
Maps lost:
83 during last year
Prize money:
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69 wins
83 defeats
2 first place from 26 events
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GRIN Esports is a professional Dota 2 team from the United States, assembled in October 2022 by little-known players to participate in local tournaments and a regional DPC league.

The initial roster of GRIN Esports consisted of players of various levels from the United States, Syria, and Canada. The first test for the team was the open qualifications for the European Pro League World Series America Season 1 - a small competition for teams from the CIS and America. The guys were defeated in the match against Luna Gaming and left the qualifiers, depriving themselves of a chance to qualify for the main stage of the tournament.

In May 2023 GRIN Esports tested their strength at the DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Closed Qualifiers, where they showed excellent play and took first place without losing a single match. Then GRIN Esports team, consisting of talents such as LGTK, Moozy, Salivating Salamander 37, -SouL and rohofireflu, participated in the third round of the Dota Pro Circuit ranked league, where American goons, Wildcard Gaming, Nexus Titans and other teams from North America also took part.

In 2024 at the qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 22, Elite League 2024 and ESL One Birmingham 2024, the team played with different rosters. And in March GRIN Esports announced a new roster: millky~ took the first position, Kitzz - the second, Moo took the position of offlaner, and Sneaky and N1ne shared the duties of supports. The updated roster made appearances at EPL WS: America. S10 and RES Regional Series EU #1, as well as participated in the qualifiers for PGL Wallachia Season 1, Riyadh Masters 2024 and The International 2024.