Longest First Blood in professional Dota 2 history recorded in the Talon vs Blacklist match during BTS Pro Series 14


The Upper Bracket Final match between Talon Esports and Blacklist International during BTS Pro Series 14 for Southeast Asia has entered the history of the professional Dota 2 scene. First Blood in the duel happened 1346 seconds after the start of the game (22 minutes and 26 seconds).

This information was published by well-known analyst Ben ‘Noxville‘ Steenhuizen on his Twitter page. Prior to this, the latest FB on the pro scene was recorded at around 1251 seconds (just under 21 minutes).

As for the result of the record match, Talon got a difficult victory over Blacklist and reached the grand final of the tournament with a prize pool of $39,500.

In addition to these two teams, Fnatic is fighting for the victory at BTS Pro Series 14 for Southeast Asia. Most recently, the leadership of this team announced a temporary departure from the Dota 2 discipline. For the current roster, this tournament will be the last under the Fnatic tag.

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