Topson explains why he decided to join Old G


Two-time The International champion with OG Topias Miikka ‘Topson‘ Taavitsainen spoke about his decision to join the Old G roster with N0tail and Ceb.

He admitted that he could have moved to a bigger club, but chose his own comfort and family.

“I just decided to play some Dota. I thought about joining a more serious team, but then I was thinking: do I want to travel non-stop and devote all my time to Dota? I can live on my own terms. I get to stream, be with my family and play Dota at the same time. Let’s see where it goes,» Topias said.

When asked what would happen if they met with their former team at some LAN tournament, Taavitsainen replied that it looks like an unrealistic scenario. But if it does happen, then you need to have a plan. At the current stage of the Old G existence, the player compared them with Team Bald Reborn and added that we should not get ahead of ourselves yet, because his new team may well lose in closed qualifiers.

Recall that Topson’s teammates are n0tail, Ceb, No[o]ne and MSS.

As CyberScore reported, Old G easily won the open qualifiers for the first season of Dota Pro Circuit 2022/23.

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