TORONTOTOKYO admits that he was disappointed with the Russian-speaking fans

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The winner of PGL Arlington Major 2022 with Team Spirit Oleksandr «TORONTOTOKYO» Khertek admitted that he was disappointed with the Russian-speaking Dota 2 community. The e-sportsman said this during a personal broadcast, a fragment of which appeared on the LEGENDWP Telegram page.

The Spirit player doesn’t like how fans from CIS react to his team’s wins and losses. He believes that players should be supported regardless of the results.

«I just don’t know. In fact, the Dota community is very bad. You win they’re all for you, you lose they’re all against you. I don’t know, somehow I got disappointed in the community. Somehow I got fed up with them at some point. There are the English-speaking fans who always write good things to me… Well, you know what I mean,» said TORONTOTOKYO.

As reported by CyberScore, Team Spirit defeated PSG.LGD in the grand final of PGL Arlington Major 2022 after losing the first map.

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