Gorgc: "It turns out we won't equal TI3 until we hit $3.7 million. Not even close, you can't reach that amount"


Content-maker Janne Gorgc Stefanowski compared the prize pool of TI3, which was held in 2013 and the upcoming The International 12. The difference is about $900,000, the Swede even took into account the dollar exchange rate at the time. 

Gorgc notes the inflation, $2,8 million dollars in 2013 is $3,7 million in 2023:

"So, the TI3 prize pool is $2.8 million. Wow, we're almost there. But you have to factor in inflation. So, what's the ratio of the dollar in 2013 to 2023? $1 to $1.32, so we need to add another 32%. So we're not going to equal TI3 until we hit $3.7 million. It turns out, not even close, we can't reach that amount. TI12 prize money is literally lower than TI3, no matter what you say. I don't believe it's $3.7 million."

At the time of writing the news, the prize pool for The International 12 is $2,874,723. The main reason for this relatively weak growth is the new Compendium without any cosmetic items. 

As Cyberscore reported earlier, information has emerged about how many Compendium levels you can get for The International 12 without donate.

Gorgc (Janne Stefanovski)
Gorgc (Janne Stefanovski)
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