BetBoom advances to the group stage of The International 2022 after defeating in the grand final of the qualifiers


BetBoom Team defeated (Outsiders) in the grand final of the Eastern European qualifiers for The International 2022 and secured their place in the group stage of the tournament. Outsiders and Natus Vincere will play in the Last Chance Qualifier.

The team of Nikita «Daxak» Kuzmin has come a long way to success. After an easy victory over One Move in the first round, BetBoom lost to Natus Vincere in the semi-finals of the upper bracket and dropped to the bottom part of the playoffs. There, the Russian team beat Nemiga Gaming, One Move and NaVi, and then left no chance for VP in the grand final.

Recall that the Last Chance mini-tournament will be held in Singapore, just like TI11 itself. From October 8 to 12, Natus Vincere and Outsiders will take part in the fight for the last two tickets to the main tournament of the year. The group stage will last from October 15 to 18, the first playoff matches will take place on October 20-23, while the decisive games will be played on October 29 and 30.

As CyberScore reported, the rights for the Russian-language broadcast of The International 2022 were bought by the BetBoom bookmaker. This was announced by the well-known Dota 2 commentator Vitaly «v1lat» Volochay.

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