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Dragon Esports
Maps played:
34 during last year
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Maps won:
19 during last year
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Not available
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Maps lost:
15 during last year
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19 wins
15 defeats
0 first place from 6 events
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Dragon Esports is a Ukrainian professional team founded in May 2024.

The original roster, which was created to participate in qualifiers for major tournaments, included such players as Ivan paw Yasny, Mykyta dualrazee Dubynskyi, Taras Norma Pavlov, Ilya geO` Yasinsky, and Ivan Matsarallow Mats. The team debuted at the open qualifiers for Elite League Season 2, but unfortunately failed in the first and second part of the open stage.

A little later, the team participated in the qualifiers for the two most important tournaments of the year - Riyadh Masters 2024 and The International 2024. At the Riyadh Masters qualifiers Dragon Esports managed to reach the closed stage, finishing in eighth place, while at The International qualifiers the team failed completely.