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4 Amigos
Team name:
4 Amigos
Maps played:
15 during last year
United States
Maps won:
9 during last year
First places:
Not available
Creation date:
Not available
Maps lost:
6 during last year
Prize money:
Not available

Team stats

9 wins
6 defeats
0 first place from 2 events
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4 amigos — a professional Dota 2 team from the USA, founded in the spring of 2024.

The team included four esports athletes from the USA, including carry Double King, midlaner RCY, offlaner monkeys-forever and support albinozebra1. They were joined by Canadian player Rozeanne, who took on the role of the fourth position support.

The full roster of 4 amigos registered for the second open qualifying tournament PGL Wallachia Season 1 in North America. Here they emerged as winners, after which they advanced to the closed stage of the competition. In the final of the winners' bracket, they lost to the team nouns and then were defeated by GRIN Esports in the losers' bracket, resulting in a third-place finish at the end of the qualifiers.