Team name MOUZ | ID: 44380

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Maps played:
111 during last year
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Maps won:
68 during last year
First places:
Creation date:
Maps lost:
43 during last year
Prize money:
$251 667

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68 wins
43 defeats
1 first place from 10 events
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MOUZ is a well-known cybersports organization, among the first to appear in the professional Dota 2 arena. The club announced the formation of a MOBA game team in December 2011, selecting the Western European EBIN roster.

The initial MOUZ lineup included players from Finland and the Netherlands - Trixi, SingSing, Rexi, DeMeNt and twiSta. The team quickly proved themselves in competitions, winning the championship title at the Dota2Replays Brawl in March 2012. However, the team's cohesion weakened over the next few months, and by May of that year, the roster had changed significantly.

SingSing, who remained on the team, was joined by ComeWithMe, 1437, SexyBamboe, and Black^. With this lineup MOUZ qualified for The International 2012, but due to visa issues ComeWithMe was replaced by KuroKy. The team failed to succeed at the tournament, finishing in last place in the group stage.

MOUZ spent the next two years actively changing the roster in search of success, returning to the top level of competition in 2014 after signing Team Dog, who won qualification to ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 through the North American qualifiers. The team placed 4th at the main event, rebuilding their reputation. The team soon qualified for ESL One Frankfurt 2014 and The International 2014.

After The International 2014, where the team took 11th-12th places, its members were interested by large organizations, which led to the disbanding of the squad. Until 2017, MOUZ tried to find success, but after failing to achieve results in the arena, left the Dota 2 discipline.

In 2024, after seven years, MOUZ returned to the professional Dota 2 scene, signing a Team Tickles roster that included Ulnit, Supream^, Force, NARMAN, Bengan, and ImmortalFaith as a coach