Team name Hininy | ID: 44014

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Maps played:
21 during last year
Saudi Arabia
Maps won:
7 during last year
First places:
Not available
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Maps lost:
14 during last year
Prize money:
Not available

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7 wins
14 defeats
0 first place from 5 events
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Hininy is a professional Dota 2 team from Saudi Arabia, formed on January 11, 2024.

The original roster consisted of players such as Moaz Oneshot Ghazi Hamdan al-Osaimi, Abdulaziz Stupid_Cat al-Hobayeb, lil_one, Pet_Cat and Mohammed rekie Ali al-Kurein. The first match for the team was a qualifying performance for BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, where the boys unfortunately placed last. 

After a poor performance, the core player and two backs left the team. Bader islA Hannoun took the core player's place, Malek Mad Frog al-Haib took the fourth position and Mohammad Ofra al-Turkistani took the fifth position. With this roster, the team traveled to the qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 22, where they failed again. As a result, the management made a few more substitutions: meta4phor took the place of mider, and cold- took the fifth position. After the decathlon Hininy went to qualify for ESL One Birmingham 2024, but again stopped in the closed stage.