Team name Team wkwkwk | ID: 43971

Team wkwkwk
Team name:
Team wkwkwk
Maps played:
20 during last year
Maps won:
10 during last year
First places:
Not available
Creation date:
Not available
Maps lost:
10 during last year
Prize money:
Not available

Team stats

10 wins
10 defeats
0 first place from 5 events
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Team wkwkwk is a European team assembled in January 2024 to participate in qualifiers for BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 and DreamLeague Season 22 tournaments.

The roster consists of Alexey Knight~ Sviridov, Igor Stojkov Stojkov, Gustav s4 Magnusson, Kenny Xepher Deo and Simon Handsken Rasmus. With this lineup, the team participated in the open qualification for DreamLeague Season 22, where they successfully made it to the closed qualifiers in the top grid.

Team wkwkwkwk received a direct invite to the closed qualification at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, but failed there, first going down to the lower playoff grid after the first round of the upper grid, and then even dropped out of the qualifiers after losing to Team Tickles.