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V1dar Gaming
V1dar Gaming
Maps played:
70 during last year
Maps won:
41 during last year
First places:
Not available
Creation date:
Not available
Maps lost:
29 during last year
Prize money:
Not available

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41 wins
29 defeats
0 first place from 12 events
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V1dar Gaming is a russian professional team founded in January 2024.

The original roster looked like this: Roman dizzying Kostevich on the first position, Alexander kiki Teterin - on the second position, Hikkari took the third position, GrOOm and Maksim death domain Travkin shared the duties of supports. For the first time the team played at the open qualification for BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, where they took the third place. A little later, the team again tried to qualify for one of the major tournaments such as DreamLeague Season 22, ESL One Birmingham, Elite League 2024, DreamLeague Season 23 and Elite League Season 2, but failed. In addition, V1dar Gaming participated in Winline Insight Season 5, where they finished in last place.

In May, there was a change in the roster: Difference replaced kiki in the first position. With the changed roster the team went to the open qualifiers for Riyadh Masters 2024 for Eastern Europe, but took only sixth place. And In June, the team started the qualifiers for The International 2024, where the team failed again.