Team Heroic | ID: 43931

Maps played:
146 during last year
Team coach:
South America
Maps won:
82 during last year
First places:
Creation date:
Maps lost:
64 during last year
Prize money:
$15 000

Team stats

82 wins
64 defeats
5 first place from 13 events
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Heroic is a norwegian esports organization founded in 2016. It has squads for Counter-Strike, Fortnite and PUBG, and signed a Dota 2 squad in 2024. 

The squad includes players such as Matheus KJ Diniz, Joao 4nalog Giannini, Hector K1 Rodriguez, Elvis Scofield Peña and Cedric Davai Lama Dekmin. After announcing their roster, Heroic received a direct invitation to participate in their region's closed qualifiers for BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, but finished second and did not receive an invitational into the main part of the tournament.

Later, the team made it through the qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 22, but only placed fifteenth. In the following championship season, Heroic received a direct invite to participate in the closed qualifiers and took first place. However, it can be noted that the newly formed squad has proven itself on the professional scene. Thus, the guys are successfully moving forward, earning themselves a ticket to ESL One Birmingham, where eventually finished in 8th place. Next was PGL Wallachia Season 1, where Heroic ended up in 16th place. The best performance at that time was at DreamLeague Season 23, where the team reached the playoffs and finished in 7th place.