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Klim Sani4
Klim Sani4
Maps played:
88 during last year
Maps won:
55 during last year
First places:
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Not available
Maps lost:
33 during last year
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55 wins
33 defeats
2 first place from 8 events
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Klim Sani4 is a stack of players that was formed to qualify for ESL One: Kuala Lumpur 2023. The team managed to qualify for the open qualifiers, but placed 4th on closed qualifiers.

The original lineup of Klim Sani4 was as follows: Munkushi, CHIRA_JUNIOR, Dominic, swedenstrong, RESPECT. The first big tournament for the team was Pinnacle: 25 Years Anniversary Show, where the team took 13-16th place, not getting out of the group stage.

After the failure at the tournament, the roster was changed Offlaner, the new player was Cloud. With the renewed roster the team participated in the European Pro League Season 15, where they took 2nd place, losing to Team Klee in the grand finals of the tournament.

In December 2023, Klim Sani4 received an invite to the qualification on BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, LAN in Dubai with a prize pool of 1 million dollars.

  • January, 2024 - Klim Sani4 shows a great game at the qualifiers - the team managed to qualify for the main stage at ESL One: Birminigham 2024 by beating and qualify for DreamLeague Season 22 by beating Natus Vincere. Klim Sani4 had the following lineup: Munkushi, CHIRA_JUNIOR, Cloud, swedenstrong, RESPECT

The only failure for Klim Sani4 in January was qualification for BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024. There the squad finished in 3rd place, got knocked out by L1GA TEAM and will not play the tournament in Dubai.