Team Travoman | ID: 42186

Team Travoman
Maps played:
48 during last year
Maps won:
28 during last year
First places:
Creation date:
Not available
Maps lost:
20 during last year
Prize money:
Not available

Team stats

28 wins
20 defeats
4 first place from 8 events
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Team TpaBoMaH is a team created by Timur TpaBoMaH Khafizov, this pack successfully showed itself in the first seasons of BB Streamers Battle. Also the squad participated in the open qualification for BB Dacha Dubai 2024.

  • Team TpaBoMaH played at the first Open Qualifier for BB Dacha Dubai 2024 and took 9-16th place there. Previously, it played exclusively at the BB Streamers Battle series of streamer tournaments.

These teams provide an opportunity to watch famous streamers, media personalities and other Dota 2 personalities in a competitive environment. As a rule, such tournaments and teams attract interest from viewers and online content makers keep a good bar from 5-6 thousand to 20-30 and more thousand viewers.

  • Champion lineup of Team TpaBoMaH at BB Streamers Battle: iLTW, TpaBoMaH, Amor, fchord, 4ce; Team Goodwin defeated Team Goodwin 2:0 in the final.
  • Team TpaBoMaH's roster for BB Streamers Battle 2: iLTW, TpaBoMaH, Amor, y0nd, sereGGa. He was also the winner, defeating Team NS 2-0 in the finals.

Team TpaBoMaH won BB Streamers Battle and BB Streamers Battle 2. In the following seasons the squad took 3-4th place. Many in the community complained that Timur and his team's attitude to the tournament was not fanatical and also they practiced before the games. It was in season 3 and 4 of the BB Streamers Battle tournament series that Team Nix joined and dislodged Team TpaBoMaH from the podium. 

  • The lineup of Team TpaBoMaH at BB Streamers Battle 3: iLTW, TpaBoMaH, 4ce, Fervian, sereGGa. 3-4th place and defeat by Team Stray;
  • Roster Team TpaBoMaH for BB Streamers Battle 4: iLTW, TpaBoMaH, Amor, y0nd, by_Owl. 3-4 place and defeat by Team Ybicanooobov.

For BB Streamers Battle 5, Team TpaBoMaH presented the following lineup: iLTW, TpaBoMaH, Samsam, y0nd, by_Owl.