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Winter Bear
Winter Bear
Maps played:
60 during last year
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33 during last year
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27 during last year
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33 wins
27 defeats
1 first place from 10 events
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Winter Bear is an Iranian Dota 2 team. WB announced itself in 2022, becoming the first team composed entirely of players from the Middle East to manage to qualify for the DPC League.

The pack's journey began in October 2021 - then Winter Bear finished second in an Iranian online tournament, losing to Scenario Mix in the final. After that, WB tried their hand at open qualifications for the Western European DPC League, but the team failed to rise above the top 4. Then Pastil and KaChal joined the team - kora from Scenario, who defeated Winter Bears at their first tournament.

In the end, Winter Bear's lineup looked like this: kerry - Re{Ali}Ty, mider - Pastil, offlaner - KaChal, as well as a duo of sapports Zoom-ZigZag and FaNtaSma, who have been playing under this tag since its inception. It was with this roster in March 2022 that the Iranian team first managed to qualify for the Western European DPC League's closed qualifiers and then qualify for the region's second division without a single loss. However, Winter Bear failed in the DPC and finished the tourney with a score of 0:7 and left the second division.

After that there were 2 significant changes in the team: firstly, the team was joined by mid Kasra Mikey Mesba, who was in the top 10 in Europe when he played for Winter Bear; secondly, WB abandoned the all-Iranian roster and invited players from other regions. The change did not help Winter Bear return to the DPC league, but the team did place in several smaller online competitions. At the end of 2022, Iran entered Eastern Europe as part of the DPC, so Winter Bear was forced to play qualifiers in that region. The lineup was able to qualify for the closed qualifiers, but failed, losing first to HYDRA and then to Hot Headed Gaming.

After this failure, Winter Bear disbanded and most of its players disappeared from sight - only Mikey was seen, who joined Nigma Galaxy in May 2023. Tag returned to the scene in November 2023, when MENA became a separate region in the ESL Pro Tour system. KaChal rejoined the team, as well as Mikey, who had an underwhelming season in Nigma. The roster easily made it to ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: MENA Closed Qualifiers, where they competed for a chance to qualify for the $1,000,000 LAN tournament.

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