Yatoro: "In a summary, the compendium is 0/10, the new interface is 10/10"


Team Spirit's carry Ilya Yatoro Mulyarchuk was unhappy with the new Compendium, but was positive about the new interface. He also has high hopes for Valve's changes over the course of the season and the return of a bunch of cosmetic items and Arcana for The International.

Comments from Yatoro on Telegram:

"I hope that the new compendium will bring us something new as the season progresses, such as compendiums for each major and Valve will come to the decision that the compendium should be released at the major but to intu prepare a big Battle Pass with a million things, cosmetics arcana, game mods and events, but so far it all looks pretty mediocre and sad that we will no longer be able to feel the same celebration Battle Pass as it was before
in short compendium 0/10 new interface 10/10".

The International 12 will start on October 12, the new Compendium was released on September 28 and shows the lowest prize pool growth rate of all time at TI. At TI12, there will be just over $2,340,000 up for grabs at the moment, but the pickings will continue until the final day of the tournament. 

As Cyberscore previously reported, Team Spirit is the main favorite to win The International 12.

Team Spirit
Team Spirit
Yatoro雨 (Illya Mulyarchuk)
Yatoro雨 (Illya Mulyarchuk)
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