Valve demands to stop monetizing custom Dota 2 games

Dota 2 Updates

Valve's lawyers sent letters to all authors of custom games demanding to stop any monetization until August 17. This was posted by the creator of SteamDB Pavel Djundik.

According to the company representatives, the user agreement implies only non-commercial use of Dota Workshop. Also, Valve asked the authors to report on financial profits, including a report on regions and the most popular payment systems.

In response to this request, the authors published an open letter on Reddit in which they asked not to close the monetization of custom games completely and conduct all transactions through the Steam wallet. In their opinion, a separate client with custom Dota 2 games could easily occupy a place in the top 20 most popular games on Steam.

The developers of such custom games as Custom Hero Clash, Overthrow 3.0, Dota 12v12, Dota 1x6, Dota 2 Horde Mode, Naruto Wars Reborn, Ability Arena, World Of Dota and Birzha Memov signed the open letter. They have also asked fans to write to Valve regarding the issue.

Earlier Сyberscore reported that Valve has published a new format for The International 2023.

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