Russia's Safe Internet League proposes to ban Twitch and Trovo

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The head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, proposed to ban the streaming services Twitch and Trovo. She stated this during the Health and Safety of Children forum, which was held in Moscow.

According to her, one can often find ads for drugs on the sites mentioned above, which poses a direct threat to the health of children.

«Streaming platforms such as and also pose a separate threat. During the broadcast on these platforms, there is a very active advertising of shops selling illegal drugs, which, of course, poses a direct threat to the life and health of children. We invite the government to think about limiting the operation of these platforms on the territory of our country,» Mizulina said.

Ekaterina also believes that there is a need for strict regulation of the video game industry, up to a complete ban.

«In addition, communication both in in-game chats and on in-game servers is subject to regulation. This area, the gray zone, must be placed under the strict control of the state,» thinks the head of the Safe Internet League.

Twitch and Trovo are the most popular video game streaming services in the world. Main esports events are broadcasted on these sites.

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