Valve releases Battle Pass 2022 for Dota 2, community reacts

Dota 2 updates

On September 1, Valve released the Battle Pass (BP) dedicated to The International 2022. It will be valid until November 2, after which the second part of the BP will be released. Classic Diretide event will be its main feature. This was reported on the official website of Dota 2.

The Battle Pass includes various treasures, as well as Arcana for Faceless Void and Razor, Phantom Assassin and Crystal Maiden personas, as well as Primal Beast Prestige Bundle, and more. Note that not all of these items are available to players right now. They will be released in the second part of the BP. More details can be found via the link.

Representatives of the Dota 2 community criticized the work done by Valve. In particular, Ukrainian commentator Vitaly «v1lat» Volochay was extremely dissatisfied with the long-awaited battle pass.

«I looked at the reviews on the Battle Pass in the morning. Was it created by one person during lunch breaks? Absolutely nothing causes a wow effect, the arcana on Faceless Void really looks like someone’s joke,» wrote v1lat in his Telegram.

Streamer Timur ТраВоМаН Khafizov also did not hide his indignation. He was really upset by the arcana on Faceless Void.

«What is this? No, wait. Do you even like this? This is some kind of shock content. How could you do something so bad? I just don’t even want this arcana, I don’t want to play with it. It’s just something unreal,» said ТраВоМаН in a video posted on YouTube.

Ukrainian esportsman Andrey «Ghostik» Kadyk also admitted that he was upset by the new Battle Pass.

«To be honest, I was even upset because of the Battle Pass. In fact, all that we have right now is the arcana for Void, well, maybe for Razor, in theory, if they do something good. But for this you need to donate a bunch of levels . Not to mention the fact that most of the juicy content is simply not available,» wrote Ghostik.

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