Patch 7.34b for Dota 2 has been released: Sand King, Invoker and Witch Doctor nerfed

Dota 2 Updates

Valve has released a balance patch 7.34b where the developers have nerfed Invoker, Witch Doctor and Sand King. Major changes were also made to Spirit Vessel. It should be noted that qualifiers for The International 12 in China and North America will be held on this meta.

In patch 7.34Spirit Vessel received an attribute bonus from "+2" to "+12", but Valve realized how much this was and decreased this amount to "+6" in 7.34b. These are the changes to this item in the latest update:

  • Recipe changed, total cost decreased by 200;
  • Old: Urn of Shadows (880), Crown (450), Crown (450), Recipe (1200). Total cost: 2980;
  • New: Urn of Shadows (880), Crown (450), Fluffy Hat (250), Recipe (1200). Total cost: 2780;
  • All Attributes bonus decreased from +12 to +6;
  • Now Provides +125 Health.

Valve has not forgotten about the "broken" heroes. The developers' focus was on weakening Witch Doctor, Sand King and Invoker. By the way, Cyberscore previously wrote about significant change in the win rates of Witch Doctor and Sand King on the first day after the release of patch 7.34.

Hero Changes:


  • Base Armor decreased by 1.
  • Cooldown Reduction no longer works on items.
Ghost Walk:
  • Health Regeneration decreased from 10->80 to 10->45;
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 5->40 to 2.5->20;
  • Health and Mana Regeneration are disabled if Invoker took player-controlled damage in the last 3s.
  • Level 10 Talent Tornado Cooldown Reduction decreased from 6s to 4s;
  • Level 15 Talent Cold Snap Cooldown Reduction decreased from 8s to 5s.

Sand King:

  • Base Damage decreased by 2.
  • Damage decreased from 100/150/220/280 to 80/130/200/260.
Sand Storm:
  • Sandstorm Movement Speed decreased from 100 to 25/50/75/100.
  • Aghanim's Shard Pulse Interval increased from 2.5s to 3.5s;
  • Aghanim's Shard Pulse now only slows for 50% of the duration of the regular Epicenter slow.
  • Level 15 Talent +125 Sand Storm Radius replaced with +25 Sand Storm Move Speed.

Witch Doctor:

  • Base Damage decreased by 3;
  • Intelligence gain decreased from 3.3 to 3.1.
Death Ward:
  • Attack Range decreased from 700 to 600;
  • Cooldown increased from 60s to 100/80/60s.
  • Level 20 Talent Death Ward Attack Range decreased from +100 to +75;;
  • Level 25 Talent Death Ward Damage decreased from +60 to +45.

The full list of changes in patch 7.34b is available on the official website of Dota 2.

As Cyberscore reported earlier, playoff brackets for The International 12 regional qualifiers have been announced.

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