Paragon bought the rights for the Russian broadcast of DreamLeague S19 and other ESL tournaments


The Paragon Events studio made a deal with ESL to buy the rights for the Russian-language broadcast of all the company's tournaments, including DreamLeague Season 19, which is taking place right now. This is reported by the Telegram channel CYBERSLOVO.

According to the source, ESL could have made a deal with Paragon first and then negotiated a penalty fee with Maincast. We will remind that the Ukrainian studio owned these rights under a contract that was supposed to be valid until 2027. Despite this document, the amount offered by the Russian studio turned out to be so huge that ESL could not refuse it.

At the same time, Maincast issued an official statement in which it is said that the company had decided to stop covering eSports tournaments in Russian, retaining exclusive rights only for the Ukrainian-language broadcast.

"We are grateful to our partners at ESL, who run the largest esports tournaments in the world, for helping us achieve our common goal – the development of Ukrainian-language esports and the local fan community. We will continue investing even more resources in Ukrainian-language broadcasts in order to promote and increase the demand for Ukrainian-language content with each coming year," Maincast CEO Andrii Grigoriev said.

Co-founder of the Ukrainian studio Vitaly 'v1lat' Volochai noted that the company has already fulfilled its mission on the Russian market. According to him, further expenses in this direction will not be effective for Maincast.

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