No[O]ne may return to the mid lane


Old G`s carry Volodymyr No[O]ne Minenko has started active training on the mid lane after completing the DPC 2023 summer tour for Western Europe. This could mean that No[O]ne will change position again and return to his usual role. 

In the DPC 2023 Tour 3, Old G did not perform well, finishing in fourth place and failing to get promotion to the first division. The team will start in the lower bracket of The International 12 qualifiers. However, there is information that Old G will play there with a new roster.

No[O]ne had already switched positions in the past when he represented Just Error and played as an offlaner. Vladimir's biggest career accomplishments came when he was playing on the mid lane. 

As Cyberscore reported earlier, No[O]ne told that Aramis unexpectedly decided not to play for Old G.

Old G
Old G
No[o]ne- (Volodymyr Minenko)
No[o]ne- (Volodymyr Minenko)
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