No[o]ne- about the best role to raise MMR


Entity Midlaner Vladimir No[o]ne- Minenko named the best role to raise the rating. In his opinion, the first position is the optimal choice in the current patch.

Carry is the best role in Dota right now for a rating boost. If you're skilful, you win 55% of games, the majority. Well, 51%, okay. When you already have a PTS ceiling you will win 51% or 50.5% - I don't know, but you will be on the plus side.

The player explained his choice by the fact that in the current patch Carry can freely farm the whole game and the only thing that can prevent him is a lost lane, or just the end of the game.

No matter what you do in the pub against Carry, Carry will free-farm for 25, 30, 40 minutes - as long as he wants, unless the team loses a lane and ends the game. The patch is like this: impossible to punish and impossible to run.

As previously reported by, Valve has announced Frostivus and changes to the new patch.

Entity Gaming
Entity Gaming
No[o]ne- (Volodymyr Minenko)
No[o]ne- (Volodymyr Minenko)
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