Nix explains why his stream is more popular than official broadcasts

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Dota 2 commentator Alexander ‘Nix‘ Levin believes that the secret of the popularity of his streams lies in the energy that he broadcasts to his viewers. It has to be noted, that during the PGL Major Arlington 2022 and the early stages of The International 2022, the Twitch channel of the former esportsman gathered more people than the official studios.

Levin told that he also followed the English-language cast of TI11. According to him, he found «some cool stuff» there.

«It seems to me that I am much more energetic than these people. Technically, they have nothing cool. I can objectively assess that there is nothing cool. There are some cool things in the English broadcast. Maybe people are tired of all this formality. I don’t know, what is the reason,» quoted Nix as saying.

The commentator said that he did not particularly follow the Russian-language broadcast of the main tournament of the year, but admitted that he did not like the work of the Maincast studio.

«I can’t tell you about the Russian-language stage at this TI, I didn’t watch it. But what I saw at the Maincast was straight f*cking sh*t. No offense to them. These are people whom I admired as professionals in their field. Vilat, a lot of other people. But for two seconds I watched and turned it off right there. Weak, uninteresting, looks like these people do things they don’t like,» summed up Nix.

As CyberScore reported, Valve gave Dota 2 fans a «swag bag» that includes three free rewards. You can read more about this via the link.

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