CyberScore update: introducing the "Players" tab

CyberScore Updates

Our team is pleased to present to you the latest site update: Dota 2 players tab has appeared on CyberScore. You can see it in the header on the main page.

Now you can find an eSportsman you are interested in by nickname and learn a lot about him. In particular, each player’s page contains the following information:

  • the team he plays for;
  • his position;
  • the amount of prize money earned during the career;
  • biographical data;
  • most used heroes;
  • performance indicators (Winrate, KDA, GPM, XPM);
  • achievements;
  • statistics of past matches.

The work on this section is not finished yet, as we have ideas of how to improve it, but the foundation is already laid. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continue to work tirelessly to improve CyberScore. Together we will come up with the best Dota 2 site in the world!

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