N0tail names the main favorites of The International 2022 and predicts that Team Spirit may fail at the tournament


Two-time The International champion Johan ‘n0tail‘ Sundstein believes that PSG.LGD, Team Spirit and OG have the best chance of winning at TI11, since these teams are the least exposed to external pressure and have a lot of experience playing at a high level. According to a former Dota 2 player, this especially applies to the Chinese organization.

«All of them have shown that they don’t let the title pressure get to them. I mean, PSG.LGD has longer track record of them all. They always have a strong showing, they always have good squads, some of their players stay in the team for a very long time. I wanna say that, for sure, LGD will be in the top 3 of the tournament. This possibility is way more than 50%, it’s 80-90%, maybe more. Of course, I am most worried for OG, because I will always be worried for them. But they have shown that they do not care about pressure,» n0tail said during the podcast, published on the OG Esports YouTube channel.

At the same time, the Danish esportsman believes that last year’s winners of The International, Team Spirit, may fail at the tournament.

«As for the Spirit, honestly, I think they can flunk. This team is very emotional. If they have a couple of rocky games, maybe it will get to them. I have been there and there are a lot of things going through your head, like: «Did I work all this time for this? What am I doing here? Why aren’t we doing so well? Is it because of this guy, is it because of me?» It seems to me that this can happen to them, but not to PSG.LGD or OG,» Sundstein concluded.

Recall that earlier CyberScore published an article about the richest esportsmen in the world. It is n0tail who leads this ranking. You can read more about the Danish and other legendary Dota 2 players here.

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