Meta changes after the release of patch 7.35b

Dota 2 Updates

With the 7.35b update, Leshrac and Outworld Destroyer, who had held the title of the most popular and effective characters on the meta, have lost ground, with Vengeful Spirit and Primal Beast taking the top spot in terms of pickrate-to-winrate ratio.

Leshrac and Outworld Destroyer

Leshrac and Outworld Destroyer both received very large nerfs, with both heroes' winrates dropping by over 8% in just a few hours. Leshrac's Lightning Storm and Split Earth abilities were weakened, and the main Bloodstone artifact no longer regenerates mana. Outworld Destroyer, meanwhile, had all abilities slashed altogether.

The big jump in winrate is also due to the fact that Leshrac and Outworld Destroyer collected a very imbovy Solar Crest artifact in the previous meta. Leshrac, collecting this artifact with the first item, had +12% to the total winrate, and OD +7.83%, than these two heroes did not collect it at all or collected it later.

Vengeful Spirit and Primal Beast

The first in demand is now Vengeful Spirit. The character was popular before. In patch 7.35b, the character received a very minor nerf that reduced Vengeful Spirit's movement speed after her death. In second place was Primal Beast - his winrate is higher (and exceeds 60%), but it is taken less often. The character was not affected in any way in the patch, so he has retained all his strengths from the last meta.

Recall that on the night of December 22, Valve released a balanced letter patch 7.35b, where it weakened a number of heroes and items.

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