Magician and Korb3n say match fixing in Dota 2 is real, but there is no direct evidence

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Morf's scandalous video about the "322 mafia", which deals with match-fixing in the professional Dota 2 scene, made a lot of noise in the game community. Some esportsmen, whose nicknames were mentioned in the video, did not admit their guilt and accused the blogger of spreading false information.

Ex-CEO of HellRaisers Alexei 'Magician' Slabukhin and manager of Team Spirit Dmitry 'Korb3n' Belov also spoke about the lack of hard evidence. According to the latter, cases of cheating are indeed a fairly common thing on the pro scene, but only the participants in these frauds have direct evidence.

Magician recalled that such situations with investigations and accusations of cheating became a common thing, but they do not bring any effect. He believes that one should not pay attention to this, make some guesses, until the participants of the fixed matches admit to their deeds.

Korb3n also said that not all team members usually participate in unfair games, but only two or, in the worst case, three of their members. This is due to the fact that you can spend less money on organizing a 322 match, but still get the desired result. He noted that there are a lot of innocent players, but they often get into unpleasant situations because they do not know about the frauds that their teammates are pulling.

As CyberScore reported, the cybercats esports organization conducted an investigation into the team's carry Albert 'Alberkaaa' Chernoivanov, who is allegedly one of the cheaters.

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