ESL One Malaysia qualifiers: Infamous gave up in the match against beastcoast


The match between Infamous and beastcoast in the closed qualifiers for ESL One Malaysia featured a very strange incident. At the 14th minute of the second map, the mid laner of the first team, Ricardo «Alone» Sanchez, wrote «Good game, well played» in the chat and left the game. This took the casters by surprise, so they could not find words to comment on the situation.

Note that at the time of the rage quit, Infamous was leading in kills (13:12), but was 2k gold behind. Alone was the leader of his team and ranked second among all participants in net worth. A video of the scandalous incident can be viewed here.

Commenting on the episode, the cybersportsman said that this decision was not based on emotions and was discussed with his teammates.

The loss dropped Infamous to the lower bracket of the playoffs, where they were beaten by Hokori. Beastcoast, in turn, advanced to the final of the qualifiers thanks to their victory over Tempest.

Recall that during qualifiers teams from South America are competing for one ticket to ESL One Malaysia. As CyberScore reported, six participants of the event, which will be held in August in Southeast Asia, have already been announced.

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