Banned Dota 2 players ask Valve to reduce Illusion's punishment


Luna Gaming and S9 players, who received a lifetime ban from Valve and PGL, turned to the community with a request to help reduce the punishment for Danil ‘Illusion‘ Grzhevka. The text of their statement was published on

Recall that 10 Dota 2 players received a maximum punishment after their guilt was proven in account sharing and trying to impersonate representatives of other teams during tournament matches.

According to the punished esportsmen, Illusion did not know until the very end that he was being drawn into a scheme prohibited by the rules, and did nothing that could lead to punishment.

“A request to the media, to the players, to everyone who is not indifferent: help us reach out to Valve to at least reduce the term of the Illusion’s ban. In this situation, he was stupid not to tell about it, but he himself did nothing wrong and did not know anything. We dragged him into this sh*t out of our own stupidity, it shouldn’t cost the kid his career. We say everything here as it is. He really had huge problems with electricity, he didn’t know anything about account sharing until the last moment. He just fell for the requests of friends and chose us, not himself. If necessary, we can provide all the old correspondence, and Valve themselves can check this information,” the players said in a statement.

Recall that Dota 2 Illusion made his first steps on the professional scene in 2019, when he joined Magic Hands. He also played for Team Empire, Team Unique and several other lesser-known teams.

As CyberScore reported, found a replacement for their carry, who received a lifetime ban from Valve and PGL.

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