LAN-part at The Bali Major 2023 may not happen - it all depends on weather conditions


LAN part at The Bali Major 2023 may happen without spectators, in case of heavy rain, the organizers will not be able to hold matches, as the stadium has no strong coverage. Earlier, the English-language analytics studio suspended operations due to a severe storm in Bali. 

In the coming days, rains are predicted in Bali just as the LAN part starts. Recall, with spectators will be played 3 days of playoffs The Bali Major 2023 from July 7 to 9. It's interesting to see how the IO Esports organizers will be able to solve this problem if weather conditions do contribute. 

The rates for watching The Bali Major 2023 playoff stage from the venue were as follows:

As Cyberscore previously reported, the matches are known in the upper bracket play-off of The Bali Major 2023 have been formed - matches will begin on July 5.

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