10th Anniversary celebration has been extended

Dota 2 Updates

Valve has announced that the Dota 2 10-Year Anniversary has been extended - you can get items from the Anniversary Treasury until September 18. The original deadline was September 7. 

It is worth recalling the essence of this celebration, the user can knock out the 10th Anniversary treasure and get commemorative items. There are 13 aitems, and the main condition is to win games. 13 wins (x2 in Turbo) in normal or ranked games.

Valve believes that three weeks is simply not enough time to pick up all the anniversary rewards and therefore extended this mini-event:

"Three weeks just isn’t enough time to get all of those 10th Anniversary Rewards. You know who agrees with you? Gabe Newell. You know who’s fired if we don’t extend the event so he can get his Ursa set? According to Gabe: us. So we’re happy and relieved and still employed to announce that the end date of the 10th Anniversary event is now September 18th".

As Cyberscore previously reported, Valve's update to The International 12 with a possible new Battle Pass concept will be released at the end of September. 

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