Zeus counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Zeus is a strong and courageous character, a kind of foundation in Dota 2. A bright and unusual hero easily wins in the mid lane, boasts of his unique magical abilities. Zeus inflicts colossal damage on opponents, which is why they hate him.

The main weapon of the character is his lightning. It is very difficult to restore health after the strike. The one who opposes Zeus will definitely not be able to win using elemental basic abilities. If you want to defeat a character that was one of the first to appear in Dota 2, be prepared to put in your best efforts and stock up on special items in the magic shop.

How to play against Zeus

Zeus is one of those heroes who feels fully equipped in the mid lane. He literally crushes everything and everyone in his path. The character is considered the most powerful ranged mage. His magical procast will be the envy of any other hero of the game. With a single lightning strike, Zeus is able to inflict damage of such force, after which it is simply impossible to recover.

If you are against Zeus, you cannot hold a position on him and perform non-stop magic spells. Being in this position, you will not be able to defend yourself and will be defeated with 100% accuracy. To break the position of the character and get to him, learn how to defend your high ground, and then success is guaranteed.

Zeus Dota 2

Who counters Zeus

Even if you know how to play against Zeus, don't rush into the fight. First, choose a worthy opponent with abilities that will help not only weaken him, but also destroy him. Pay attention to where you play – in the mid or on the lanes.

The list of counter picks who can destroy Zeus in the mid lane includes:

  • Templar Assassin. This character is considered the strongest opponent of Zeus in the mid lane. The developers gave him the Refraction ability, which Zeus cannot handle, since he has much less damage. After the ult appears at level 6, the hero begins to actively slow down his opponent and, in the end, destroys him, since the latter has greatly weakened armor, and the damage to his health is irreparable.
  • Viper. This strongest mid laner knows how to resist magic, as he has a special passive ability. And Zeus, as everyone knows, loves to conjure in attacks, it is with magic that he inflicts damage on his opponent. Such tricks do not work on Viper.
  • Meepo. For this character, Zeus is a delicious bun, for which he hunts throughout the game. As soon as Meepo has Blink Dagger, he starts actively attacking his enemy. Even one clone is enough to kill Zeus.

Any character from the list above will bring you victory in a battle with Zeus, but you don’t need to relax and get impudent either, otherwise be prepared to lose a decent position.

Good counter picks for Zeus in the lane will be the following characters:

  • Anti-Mage. This hero knows how to burn out mana, he has a strong passive ability that has considerable resistance to magic, and a lightning-fast reaction. Using his counterspell ability, Anti-Mage will not only skillfully repel Zeus's attacks, but also inflict devastating damage to his health.
  • Faceless Void. This character counters Zeus with abilities such as Time Walk and Time Dilation. He limits the skills of the enemy, in the event of an attack, he quickly jumps back and regenerates a huge amount of his health. That is why Zeus will not be able to easily remove Faceless Void from his path.
  • Lifestealer and Juggernaut. These counter picks can only be envied. The developers rewarded them with immunity to any manifestations of magic. When Blade Fury and Rage kick in, the characters become invulnerable to Zeus.

To guarantee victory in the battle, we recommend getting items such as Black King Bar, Pipe of Insight, Magic Wand for Zeus's counter picks. They are effective on any lane and will help to achieve the goal.

Summing up, we can say the following: Zeus, without a doubt, is a very strong character that is difficult to cope with, nevertheless, there are many heroes who can not only weaken him, but also mercilessly kill him.

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