Void Spirit counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Many people are interested in how to counter intelligence heroes, that’s why we decided to tell you about the counter picks of a strong melee hero in the safe lane and mid lane with a high win rate Void Spirit.

Thanks to his skills, Void has gained great popularity among the players. However, not everyone knows how to play against this character correctly.

Dota 2 Void Spirit Guide - The Swift and Deadly

Who counters Void Spirit

The list of characters that are pretty good against Void Spirit is quite large, so let’s discuss some of them:

  • Lone Druid. The Druid keeps Void disabled and prevents him from reaching his full potential.
  • Troll Warlord. The Troll is good because he deprives Void Spirit of escapes, keeping the character disabled. It’s difficult for Void to deal with TW due to the lack of instant damage, so the Troll manages to squeeze his ult.
  • Anti-Mage. He is fast and mobile, so it will be quite difficult for Void to escape from him. The second important point is that Void Spirit runs out of mana very quickly, so Anti-Mage, using only his ult, has the ability to take away most of Void’s HP.
  • Viper. A powerful player against Void Spirit. He can block Void’s abilities, and thanks to high damage, simply destroys him.
  • Bloodseeker. If you use his ultimate on Void Spirit, VS will take a lot of damage at the moment. This character can also cast Silence.
  • Meepo. Thanks to an impressive supply of nets, it is possible to easily catch Void Spirit and further extend the disable effect with the help of clones.

You can also get a good artifact against Void hex, without which Void Spirit is powerless. But this is optional. Listed above are not all the characters that successfully counter Void Spirit. There are still a large number of heroes that will suit players in this situation.

The main thing to pay attention to when choosing a counter pick for VS is that your character should be fast and able to dodge fights. It would be best to acquire artifacts against magic. Always watch Spirit. Losing control over him can result in a lot of damage.

Void Spirit is a fairly strong character with interesting abilities, but if you use his weaknesses wisely, countering him will not be difficult.

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