Viper counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Viper in Dota 2 is the strongest liner that confidently overcomes obstacles on his way. He can be a winner in any lane, because when the character is attacked, some of the damage is returned to the enemy.

Viper has a skin in Dota 2 that makes him destroying lane creeps almost effortlessly and slow down his enemies. It would seem that it is impossible to defeat the hero, but if you know his weaknesses and attack wisely, then you can win with 100% confidence.

What talents and weaknesses does Viper have

The hero’s talents largely depend on the chosen style of play. Viper is able to deal maximum damage, minimize both physical attacks and magical attacks. His key talents are vampirism and high attack speed.

The developers have endowed the character with the ult called Corrosive Skin (slows down the enemy’s attack and causes minor damage), as well as talents such as Viper Attack or Poison Attack. With these abilities Viper is very hard to kill.

The hero also has some weaknesses:

  • Slowness. Due to the fact that Viper moves quite slowly, he often misses a chance to hurt his enemies who know how to escape and becomes a target himself.
  • Slow farm. If the character was killed in the first level, it will be very difficult for him to return to the game.

The character shows himself is very poor while farming, and he also needs regular fights. Viper counters Spectre, Tidehunter, Bristleback.

Viper Dota 2

Viper in Dota 2

Who counters Viper

As noted, Viper is dangerous when he fights against single targets. In the fight with the whole team and at the beginning of the game, he often escapes. So, Viper’s counterpicks in the mid are conventionally divided into effective characters and heroes who can win on the lanes.

The following heroes are ready to perform well against Viper:

  • Broodmother. This heroine is able to cause serious damage to the enemy due to mobility, many additional creatures and health recovery. But if she has not yet learned to control creatures well, then our hero will successfully counter her, on the contrary. Broodmother survives Viper’s aggression thanks to her unique ability Windrun. The heroine skillfully dodges attacks, knows how to increase her movement speed and slow down opponents.
  • Lone Druid. This is Viper’s strongest early-game counterpick in the mid. The hero attacks while at a long distance, uses the spirit of the bear. If he is managed correctly, Viper will not be able to cause serious damage to either the character or allies. The Lone Druid can still use his Savage Roar to completely stop an enemy attack.
  • Arc Warden. This is another hero that successfully counters Viper in the mid. His weapon in the fight against the opponent is Flux, which envelops the enemy in unstable energy, as a result of which Viper slows down even more.
  • Clinkz. This hero counters Viper using buffs like Burning Army and Skeleton Walk. He protects allies and fires at the same time, being at a great distance from the opponent. The «venomous snakes» that Viper uses in the battle do not reach Clinkz. Even if the character partially loses his power, he continues to hit the opponent with high efficiency.
  • Rubick. This hero is considered to be a strong counter pick for Viper, as he deals massive damage and at the same time minimizes his attack power, causing the enemy to lose the ability to finish off creeps.
  • Razor. The hero is not very popular in Dota 2, but he almost always wins the battle against Viper. Razor has a Static Link ult. It slows down the enemy and minimizes the damage he takes.
  • Medusa. A bright heroine who steals magical energy, counters Viper using the Mystic Snake ult. But in this case, you should pay attention to the fact that she does not have much protection against enemy gangs, so in order to defeat this strong opponent, she will need the support of allies.
  • Tinker. Another character that is one of the strongest Viper’s counters in the mid. The developers gave him Laser. He can easily turn an opponent into a snake and escape from him through teleport.

Timbersaw, Centaur Warrunner, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Lycan, Huskar and Anti-Mage are considered to be no less effective core heroes that strongly counter Viper and are able to triumphantly defeat him. They were endowed with such abilities that allow you to counter the enemy literally lightning fast. If you put one of the above characters in the fight against Viper, you are 100% guaranteed success.

What items will help in the battle against the character?

Those who counter the Viper can effectively use the following items:

  • Town Portal Scroll. The hero has no stun, so he is unable to cancel the teleportation of the enemy.
  • Black King Bar. Viper does almost all the damage to his opponents using magic, so this artifact helps to counter him as best as possible.
  • Heaven’s Halberd. Prevents the snake from attacking, and gives its owner health, increases the chances of hitting the opponent.
  • Ghost Scepter. It is an ideal option for supports. Creates a teleport that can be used to escape from an attack.
  • Butterfly. This item in the fight against the Viper is considered very effective, but only if he is not going using Monkey King Bar to attack.
  • Linken’s Sphere. Anyone who counters an enemy using this item gets a significant advantage – blocking the ultimate every 13 seconds. Viper definitely cannot resist such an action.

In summary, we can say the following: Viper, despite being considered the strongest liner, is quite vulnerable due to his slowness. It is very difficult for him to farm. If the hero can win his line, he will definitely lose in the mid. If you’re going to counter Viper to get a triumphant victory over him, stock up on the aforementioned artifacts and make sure you have some support from allies.

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