Ursa counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Ursa is a melee hero. He is mainly used in the mid or as a carry. This character is valued for powerful attributes and a good initial set of abilities. If Ursa feels free in Dota 2, he can easily move from lane to lane, capture Roshan at the beginning of the game and farm creeps. What puts the enemy in a stalemate? Which strategy to choose?

It is necessary to set up illusionists against Ursa, who will be able to counter her at the expense of clones. After all, our hero copes well with a specific task, but gets lost in a large area. You can also put tanks on the line, because they can easily withstand more than one attack.

Who counters Ursa

The hero is weak against mass attacks, he needs items that improve physical armor, so he is well countered by:

  • Phantom Lancer creates clones making Ursa waste her powers.
  • Naga Siren. Clones, stunning and immobilizing the enemy with the help of a net. This becomes critical for Ursa.
  • Windranger. He makes the opponent’s attacks useless. Due to immobilization, Ursa is eliminated in a second.
  • Venomancer – counters in slow motion. This will allow you to run away from the enemy or kill her.
  • Bristleback. Suffers small amount of damage from Ursa’s attacks. And the slowdown will make the enemy less dangerous.
  • Templar Assassin. This hero can’t deal much damage to Ursa. But the traps will save Roshan, which will allow him to intervene in time and stop Ursa.
  • Lion stuns the enemy for a few seconds, during which he manages to drain mana.
  • Chaos Knight – armor reduction, immobilization for 4 seconds, lifesteal and illusions. This causes Ursa irreparable damage even at the start of the game.
  • Pugna throws the opponent into the astral, which prevents our hero from attacking. If Ursa is without BKB, she won’t be able to deal damage.
  • Razor steals all the damage, and the attack speed increase will help to eliminate the enemy.

At the same time, Luna, Gyrocopter, Shadow Fiend, Lina, Lifestealer and Pudge are not good counter picks against Ursa.

And remember that any mistake will bring more strength to Ursa. Do not get into her way even in the early stages of the game. It’s better to use items that buff physical armor. In this case, even weak characters can survive.

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