Troll Warlord counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Troll Warlord is cunning and quite skilled. His real name is Jah'rakal. At one time, the hero was kicked out of the pack for his evil tricks. He hated and harmed everyone he could. The character kills his offenders without a twinge of conscience, he is cold-blooded. He is quite active, dexterous, never sits still, always on the alert.

Troll Warlord is best used as a carry hero. He is one of the few characters that can affect the outcome of the game. TW has high attack speed, which increases with each new hit. The character has a special ultimate ability that makes him immortal for a while. Thanks to all this, it is very difficult to defeat this hero in battles, but if desired, it is quite possible. What is needed for this? Know how to act against the evil dodger and who to put on the same lane with him.

Troll Warlord Dota 2

Who successfully counters Troll Warlord in Dota 2

A worthy counter pick for the hero in question could be one of the following characters:

  • Spirit Breaker. How does the Troll defeat his enemies? He hits them non-stop, thus increasing the speed of his attacks. If you bash him, then the entire attack speed rapidly decreases. Spirit Breaker handles this task perfectly using his skills.
  • Winter Wyvern. This character uses the Cold Embrace ability in the fight against the Troll. He freezes allies who are attacked by Jah'rakal, causing them to regenerate health much faster than normal. They become immune to damage, can continue to attack Troll Warlord non-stop and deal devastating blows to him until he dies.
  • Earth Shaker. This hero harms the Troll by using abilities at the moment when he is near the tower and can additionally take damage from it when stunned. Shaker prevents Jah'rakal from building up attack speed with permanent stuns, as a result of which the enemy can take a lot of damage without healing and will eventually die.
  • Phantom Lancer. Troll Warlord is strong in one-on-one fights. He has a lot of armor, he is active and agile, inflicts great physical damage to his opponent. Phantom Lancer is strong in magic. He uses illusions against the opponent and inflicts magic damage on him, and since Jah'rakal has little mana, he cannot restore his health and dies. Facing illusions, the Troll loses his strength, cannot attack quickly, which is exactly what Phantom Lancer uses.
  • Naga Siren. This hero can easily defeat the troll king by driving him into illusions. Confused, Jah'rakal becomes weak and defenseless, he can be attacked without fear.
  • Centaur Warrunner. The passive ability of the Centaur helps to easily defeat the enemy. He does a lot of physical damage to him. If you chose Centaur Warrunner as Jah'rakal's counter pick, then try to make the most of his passive ability, and when the opponent is weakened, then press him.
  • Axe. The more often an enforcer attacks the trickster villain using his ults, the higher his chances of winning.
  • Spectre has an ability that returns the damage that it deals to the enemy. This character is best played as a carry.

In the fight against the king of the trolls, do not forget to use additional items: Silver Edge (turns off the opponent's passive abilities), Heaven's Halberd (does not allow attacks on its owner, disarms the enemy), Scythe of Vyse (helps to defend and actively attack, suitable for quick kill). And most importantly! If you decide to destroy Troll Warlord, do not be passive, act actively, coherently and thoughtfully. In this case, you will succeed.

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